Friday, 5 February 2016

Vegan Bath Favourites!

So I've decided to post about my favourite go to bath products. I use pretty much all of these every single bath. I've also added a few alternatives.

As you can see, they are all LUSH. The reason behind this is because I have incredibly sensitive skin. Almost everything irritates me, and I find that they're the only brand where I can purchase something and be pretty confident that it's not going to irritate my skin. 

Lets start off with shower gel.

Snow Fairy.

I have no idea why the bottle is all bashed up, but who cares... It's what's on the inside that counts!
Snow Fairy holds a special place in my heart. I have been receiving a bottle every Christmas for at least 7 years from my Nan. She loves buying me this because it's the only pink glittery thing she can buy me. It smells like bubblegum, which is my all time favourite smell. A little goes a very long way, especially if you use a "scrubby" to apply it. It lathers up loads, and I love that in a product. Sometimes I wash my hair with it because I absolutely adore the smell. It's a shame it's only a Christmas product, but that makes it even more special. It comes in three different sizes 100ml, 250ml and 500ml.

Original Source.

My go to shower gel however is the Original Source brand. It's a really great product which is always on offer in super markets, Superdrug, and Boots. You can pretty much find it everywhere, which I think is my favourite thing about it. I only ever buy it when it's of offer for a £1 or so, but when it's not on offer it isn't much more than that. They sell a huge variety of smells, from fruity, minty, and nutty. The mint one is great for washing your face with as it's so refreshing, and really wakes you up in the mornings. I wouldn't recommend using it anywhere else mint, it could get a little burny haha. They are all Vegan of course, do not test on animals, and pack lots of natural ingredients in there.

Facial Scrub.

Ocean Salt.

I ran out of my old facial scrub "Let The Good Times Roll" which is also by LUSH, and I'd recently seen this floating around instagram and youtube, so decided to try it out myself. I've been using it for about 4 months, and love it, I wouldn't go back! I'm going to do an in-depth post about Vegan skin care next, so I'll go in to details then.

Body scrub.

The Rough With The Smooth.

I LOVE this product, and I mean LOVE! Once again because of my sensitive skin I have a hard time shaving my legs. The hairs grow back itchy, my legs are always dry, and they always sting whenever I put moisturiser on them. However after using this ugly looking thing I don't have any problems what so ever, and I am not one to believe in "miracle products" but holy hell I come out the bath feeling confident I will have nice, non irritated, smooth legs, that I can actually moisturise. I'm not the biggest fan of the smell, as I am a fruity smell lover, and this is more of a perfumey earthy smell. After shaving my legs, I dunk the block in to the bath and rub a generous layer of the sugary scrub all over my dry-ish legs, and really rub it in with my hands, making sure I don't miss a spot. I then rinse it off in the bath. I have to be honest I didn't think it was going to last long, but I can see it's going to last ages. It retails at £5.95 and I presume you can buy it in most LUSH stores around the UK, but there's always the trusty internet to go to if you can't find it. 

Bath bomb or bubble bath.

(my video)


This intergalactic bath bomb is one of the coolest bath bombs ever. If you don't like to be covered in glitter, then I do not recommend this product to you. However, I love glitter!! As well as glitter, there's popping candy. Does it get any better? Nope! It's very refreshing as there's peppermint oil in there, which is great for your skin. I come out feeling fresh and energised from this bath bomb. It retails for £3.95 which in my eyes is quite expensive, so this isn't an every bath time experience. 

The Comforter.

For the times where I'm not indulging in glitter, I use the Comforter bubble bar. I always go back to this, always. I've tried quite a few bubble bars but this one smells the best, lasts the longest, and I think it's really good value for money. I can get 4-6 baths from this. All other brands of bubble bath make me itch like crazy, even the "sensitive" ones, and I'd given up on bubble baths until this. I always have a bar in the house, and have been using it for about 18 months now. It's fruity as hell, and smells of blackcurrant, mmm! It retails for £4.95.

All the LUSH products can be found at .

These are just my favourite products, I sometimes use other bath bombs, bath oils, and bath melts. Depends what kind of mood I'm in. 
I would never recommend something I didn't really believe in, so I really urge you to try these products out, and if you do, let me know if you loved them too!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this post.